I believe that all children deserve an education that allows them to reach their highest potential. Unfortunately, many times where a child lives is a predictor of their success in life. I was blessed to have a mother who worked two jobs to send my sister and I to the best schools in our city.

When I got my first teaching job I realized that I was not prepared to provide the type of education that I received. It was not because my intentions were bad, I was not prepared, and neither were the administrators who were there to support me during my first few years in the classroom. The systems of support were just not in place to ensure my children or I were successful. School had not prepared me for my job as an educator of over 30 students in a high poverty classroom.

After 20+ years in the field of education, several awards, and a proven track record of success, I want to help others achieve success with their staff, schools, districts, and organizations that serve children and families.